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    Timesheet - Report with project and resource data [BETA]


    Timesheet Extension that allows you to filter projects and resources and print out the data

    This extension works with a timesheet file and provide a report for the selected project and detail of the resource. You can install the extension from the menu Extensions->Manage Extensions.

    This extension requires the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus.

    For more information see the documentation pages for tracking projects times.

    You can install the Extension.

    Setup timesheet file

    Prior to use the extension you need to setup the timesheet file.

    • Create a new Timesheet file or use an existing one.
    • Add the Projects table:
      • Tools → Add/Remove functionalities → Add Table Project.
      • Add the projects codes.
    • Add the Resources table
      • Go to the Journal Table
      • Tools → Add/Remove functionalities → Add simple table
      • Enter the name "Resources" (Name XML must be "Resources")
      • Go to the Journal Table
      • Tools → Add/Remove functionalities → Add columns to join table
      • Choose Resources
      • Dialog "Insert column after" choose Description.
      • Go to Resources table and enter the resource id and description (people name).


    Enter Project data

    In the Journal, when you enter the daily worked time, you can now specify the Project and Resource.

    Print the report

    You can print a report for a single project at a time.



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