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    Sibex Ltd

    Example of Double-Entry Accounting with VAT

    Table: Accounts
    Group Description Sum In Gr1
        Balance sheet    
        ASSETS Cash  
      Cash Cash Cash 1
      Bank 1 Bank 1 Cash 1
      Bank 2 Bank 2 Cash  
    Cash   Cash Current Assets  
      Clients Clients Accounts Receivable 1
      Prepaid taxes Prepaid taxes Accounts Receivable 1
    Accounts Receivable   Accounts Receivable Current Assets  
      Inventory Inventory Inventory 1
    Inventory   Inventory Current Assets  
      Transitory assets Transitory assets Prepaid Expenses 1
    Prepaid Expenses   Prepaid Expenses Current Assets  
    Current Assets   Current Assets Total Assets  
      Machinery and applicances Machinery and applicances Equipment 1
      Office furniture Office furniture Equipment 1
      Computer Computer Equipment 1
      Software Software Equipment 1
      Car Car Equipment 1
    Equipment   Equipment Fixed Assets  
      Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate 1
    Real Estate   Real Estate Fixed Assets  
    Fixed Assets   Fixed Assets Total Assets  
    Total Assets   Total ASSETS 00  
      Supplier Supplier Current Liabilities 2
      VAT due VAT due Current Liabilities 2
    Current Liabilities   Current Liabilities Total Liabilities  
      Bank loan Bank loan Long-term Liabilities 2
      Transitory liabilities Transitory liabilities Long-term Liabilities 2
    Long-term Liabilities   Long-term Liabilities Total Liabilities  
      Start-up capital Start-up capital Shareholders' Equity 2
      Profit or loss brought forward Profit or loss brought forward Shareholders' Equity 2
    Profit / Loss current year   Profit / Loss current year Shareholders' Equity  
    Shareholders' Equity   Shareholders' Equity Total Liabilities  
    Total Liabilities   Total LIABILITIES 00  
        Profit & Loss    
      Income from services Income from services Total Income 4
      Income from sales Income from sales Total Income 4
      Other income Other income Total Income 4
    Total Income   Total INCOME 02  
      Purchase goods for resale Purchase goods for resale Cost of Revenue 3
    Cost of Revenue   Cost of Revenue Total Expenses  
      Salaries Salaries Salary 3
      Social contributions Social contributions Salary 3
      Pension fund Pension fund Salary 3
      Accident insurance Accident insurance Salary 3
      Health insurance Health insurance Salary 3
    Salary   Salary Operating Expenses  
      Rent Rent General and Administrative 3
      Upkeep machinery and appliances Upkeep machinery and appliances General and Administrative 3
      Car expenses Car expenses General and Administrative 3
      Other insurances Other insurances General and Administrative 3
      Fees Fees General and Administrative 3
      Electricity Electricity General and Administrative 3
      Office supplies Office supplies General and Administrative 3
      Telephone, Fax Telephone, Fax General and Administrative 3
      Mailing fees Mailing fees General and Administrative 3
      Advertising Advertising General and Administrative 3
    General and Administrative   General and Administrative Operating Expenses  
      Interest on bank loan Interest on bank loan Financial Expenses 3
      Bank and current account fees Bank and current account fees Financial Expenses 3
    Financial Expenses   Financial expenses Operating Expenses  
    Operating Expenses   Operating Expenses Total Expenses  
      3700 Ammortize machinery and appliances Amortosazion 3
      3710 Ammortize real estate Amortosazion 3
    Amortosazion   Amortisation Total Expenses  
      3800 Taxes Taxes 3
    Taxes   Taxes Total Expenses  
    Total Expenses   Total EXPENSES 02  
    02   Profit(-) Loss(+) from Profit & Loss Statement Profit / Loss current year  
    00   Difference Balance Sheet/Profit & Loss Statement should be = 0 (blank cell)    
        Division car expenses    
      .PET Petrol TC  
      .INS Insurance, other fees TC  
      .REP Repairs TC  
    TC   Totals cost centers    
    Table: VAT codes
    VAT Code Description %VAT
      VAT due  
    S0 VAT exempt sales  
    SE Foreign sales exempt  
    S5 Sales at 5% 5.00
    S10 Sales at 10% 10.00
    SD5 Discount on sales at 5% 5.00
    SD10 Discount on sales at 10% 10.00
      Recoverable VAT  
    P5 Purchase at 5% 5.00
    P10 Purchase at 10% 10.00
    PD5 Discount on purchases at 5% 5.00
    PD10 Discount on purchases at 10% 10.00
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