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    [xUNI01] Layout 1: VAT included amounts, 2 colors (Banana 9)


    VAT included amounts, 2 colors

    A simple invoice template with the total column.

    There is also a version of the invoice for Switzerland with the possibility to include the Swiss ISR payment slip.



    • The header contains information specified in the File and accounting properties (menu File -> File and accounting properties -> Address).
    • It is displayed on the top-left of the page.

    Invoice and customer information

    • Date of the invoice, customer number, expiration date of the invoice and page number are displayed here.
    • The expiration date of the invoice is automatically calculated, but it is possible to overwrite that information using the DocType column options.
    • All the data are displayed on the left of the page.

    Customer address

    • The customer addres is taken from the Accounts table.
    • It is possible to manually define an address on the transactions table using the DocType column options.
    • The address is displayed on the right of the page.

    Items table

    • A table where are listed all the items of the invoice.
    • It is composed of two columns: description and total.
    • After the total is also displayed the VAT amount.

    More information

    At the bottom of the invoice, after the items table, with the DocType column options it is possible to add more information like personal notes and greetings.

    Invoice settings

    User can change some settings of the invoice.
    From the "Print invoices" dialog window, click the Settings button under the layout section:

    • enable/disable the header
      • Set 1 to include the header on the top of the page (default value)
      • Set 0 to not include it.
    • Background color
      • The main color of the invoice.
      • Used for the header, the invoice number, the background color of the items table’s header, and for the total.
      • Default value (#005392).
    • Text color
      • Defines the color of the text on the header's items table.
      • Default value (#ffffff).

    Colors can be standard colors (for example: “red”, "yellow", “blue”, “green”, “black”, "grey", etc) or in the Hexadecimal format (for example: #ff0000 ).

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