Multi-currency accounting

With Banana Accounting Plus you have an innovative tool to manage accounts in any currency.
Easy to use, immediate and precise.
The Multilingual option is the perfect match if you work internationally.

Immediate and powerful calculations

  • Based on the double-entry accounting method
  • Manages accounts in any currency
  • Auto calculation of exchange rates and differences
  • Get account cards with values both in basic and foreign currency, journal, reports
  • Get balance sheets in a second currency as well

Multi-currency accounting for everyone

Banana Accounting Plus multi-currency accounting satisfies all needs when it comes to managing accounts in multiple currencies. Perfect for those who work internationally or live abroad, for associations with projects in various countries or simply for those who, in their accounting file, have accounts in foreign currencies.

Getting started is quick and easy:

  • Open one of the available templates
  • Personalize the accounts
  • Enter the exchange rates in the Exchange rate table

And you are ready to start!

Wide range of accounting transactions

Enter the amount in foreign currency and let the Banana Accounting Plus software swiftly update the amount in basic currency, based on to the exchange rate added in the Exchange rates table. You can enter all kinds of multi currency transactions, including transfers and transactions that do not include the basic currency.

Several automated calculations verify that you don't have any unrecorded exchange rate difference or any other error.

Use the exchange rates you want

You can decide what are the best exchange rates for your needs:

  • Daily exchange rates
  • Fixed exchange rates
  • Direct and indirect exchange rates
  • Historical exchange rates
If you have real estate accounts that must not be affected by the exchange rate, you can set a different exchange rate for the same currency.

Professional reports in a snap

You can get full balances in both foreign and basic currency anytime you want.

You can also get reports of all accounts in a second currency. Useful option if you have to present reports abroad in a local currency.

Multicurrency financial forecasting

Now you can manage your financial forecast with foreign currencies. No need for separate files or other applications.

With Banana Accounting Plus you have integrated management in a single file for a professional overview.