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Do you need help? We are here for you!

Commercial and administrative questions

If you would like information regarding invoices, payments or sales information, please consult our company's Contacts page

Feedback and comments

Do you want to give us suggestions on some pages of the documentation or leave us your comment on the program? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Submit your feedback

Support questions

First of all, we invite you to go to the main support page where you will find several ways to find a solution to your problem right away. These steps solve most of the cases.

Customized support

If the problem still exists and you want to contact us for a personalized support:

  • Check what version/plan you have through the Help menu → About Banana Accounting or through the Help menu → Manage subscription
  • See what kind of technical support you are entitled to according to your version, and contact us through one of the forms:
Banana Accounting Plus
Advanced plan
Free Support
For all technical issues
3 cases/year
Contact Form
Banana Accounting Plus
Professional and Free plan
Limited Support
Free Support for installation and bug report issues
Paid Support for all other technical issues
Generic Contact Form
Banana Accounting 9
(free months from the purchase date)
Purchased in 2020 → 12 months of Free Support
Purchased in 2021  →   3 months of Free Support
Paid Support in all other cases
Banana Accounting 8, 7
and previous versions
NOT available anymore
Purchase the Banana Accounting+ Advanced plan to be entitled to free support

Paid Support is available for CHF 70.-/each 30 min unit. See price list.
Switch to the Banana Accounting+ Advanced plan to be entitled to Free Support!

For Advanced plan users ONLY
Support through the Advanced Contact Form is the best way to contact us, because our staff sees important information such as version and operating system. There is also a telephone number, available during office hours - 9.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00: +41 (0) 91 210 49 37.

  • When calling you must first indicate your email, so that our staff can verify that it corresponds to an Advanced subscription.
  • To provide a quality service, our staff does not answer questions from users who do not hold a valid Advanced subscription.

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