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Do you have a support problem with an old version of Banana Accounting?
In recent years Banana Accounting has been improved and many small innovations have been introduced. The documentation is also more detailed and effective. It is therefore possible that your problem has already been solved in the new version or that it is related to the fact that you have updated your operating system without updating the Banana Accounting software.

The first thing to do is download the latest version of Banana Accounting Plus (Free plan, free of charge):

  • Open your file in Banana Accounting Plus
  • See if the problem is still there or if the new documentation can help you.
  • Problem solved? Update to the latest version!

It no longer makes sense that you waste time and risk facing problems on software that are not up to date; also from our side, we believe it is more productive to work on improving the software and providing solutions to user feedback in the latest version, which is also the only one that guarantees compatibility with the latest operating systems. For this reason our team no longer has the possibility to offer support for older versions of the software.

If you still find it useful, below you will find the links to the documentation pages of the various previous versions of Banana Accounting:

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