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Banana Accounting Plus has always been the most widely used program on the Swiss market by small enterprises and freelancers and it is expanding all over the world, because it is high-performing and professional at an affordable price for everyone. We offer two subscription plans:

Includes several accounting applications

Several accounting applications are available: Cash Manager, Income/Expense Accounting, Double-entry Accounting, Multi-currency accounting, with or without VAT management. For each of them, you find a series of templates

Templates for companies and freelancers

Several universal templates are available. Universal templates are templates that can be easily adapted to any country:

Easily create your invoices

Banana Accounting offers different ways of creating invoices. Indeed, from our experience we know that each reality has different needs. Banana offers several really interesting possibilities:

Clients and Suppliers management

Thanks to the ready-made templates with clients and suppliers register, you can manage everything optimally: simply enter the customer or supplier account in the entry. Get the complete history of suppliers and customers and keep track of payments and collections. You can also adapt an existing file to customer and supplier management.

Import and automation

Banana Plus allows you to quickly import electronic statements from your bank, credit card or PayPal account.

The Advanced plan, recommended for those who do regular bookkeeping and have a lot of accounting transactions, has in addition some features that drastically reduce your work time:

Productivity applications for companies

In addition to accounting applications Banana Plus also offers other applications that businesses and freelancers can find very useful:

See all Productivity applications

Start for Free

Start free by simply downloading the program and using it with the Free plan. No personal information is required, even email is optional.
You can try everything, even the Advanced features, up to 70 transactions, with no time limit.
Switch at any time to one of the paid plans while keeping your saved data.

Immediate set-up

Starting with a template is really simple, and in a few minutes you are ready to work. However, we have several short videos that explain how to do it step by step:

Check out all the other videos

Update from an older version

Already have an old version of Banana? Upgrade now and get a free month! Data compatibility is guaranteed and the transition is really easy:

Users reviews

"I have been using Banana for my study for 7 years. The program is really great, it can do a lot and the price/quality ratio is more than satisfactory. Even if you have questions, the support is always very good." - Judith Klee

"Great accounting software for individual companies and very fast customer support." - Savitri de Sousa

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