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A statement over several years allows a simple and immediate comparison of the evolution of your business. Banana Accounting can display the balances up to two previous years in the same report, so for example the balances of the years 2019, 2018 and 2017 on a single page.

In order to use this feature though, you need to make sure that in the basic accounting data the "previous year's file" option is activated and that the correct file is entered (File menu -> File properties (Basic data) -> Options tabn -> Previous year file), otherwise Banana Accounting cannot recover the balances of the previous accounting periods, and they won't appear in the report.
In the following example we will show you how to obtain a report over the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. Here is how to proceed:

  • from the Account1 menu choose the Enhanced balance sheet with groups...
  • from the Columns section, check the Current and Previous year boxes

  • then click on the Advanced button (this operation must be done both for the Balance sheet and for the Profit & Loss statement) and,
    from the dialog window that opens, click on the Add button to add a column
  • scroll down the list of possibilities until you reach -2 Years - we are indeed in the year 2019 and in order to have a 2017 report we have to go 2 years back

  • confirm with OK and enjoy your report

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