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The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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This dialog window allows you to install, remove and execute Banana applications.

List of available applications

In this list you can find all the application that you added (installed).


By activating/deactivating the checkbox next to the application name, you will enable (disable) the applications.
Only enabled application will be visible in the Apps menu.
If an application appears in a light grey color, it means that the program does not find the Banana application file. If the file has been moved, you need to remove the application and add it again.

Information on the selected application

The program gives the following information:

System applications

The system applications are those included in the software that can be enabled or disabled:

The other applications listed are the ones installed by the user.

Application ID

The internal application ID used to save the application settings

The required file type

The file type that the application requires to be executed.
This is the directory number. 100.* means that the application requires a double entry accounting file.

Properties of the required file

A text that must be entered with the Apply properties button or manually in the File properties.

Apply properties

Enters, in the Properties of the active file, the property required by the application.
If the button is not active, it means that the current file type is not supported by this application.

Side buttons


Runs the selected application.


Run the selected app in debug modus.


Opens a dialogue with details such as id, date, author, etc. of the App.

Lower buttons

Manage Apps

Opens a dialog window where you can add or remove the Apps.


Opens the Help page of the App.


The Apps management is not yet as smooth as we would like it to be; we are working to improve it.


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