Enhanced Statement

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  • The Enhanced Statement gives an overview of the progression of the Estate situation and the operating result of the year. This function is present in the Income & Expense accounting.
  • The Enhanced Statement is calculated and displayed by means of the Enhanced Statement command, from the Account1 menu.
  • In the window that pops up, you have the possibility to insert the header that will display on the first page of the Enhanced Statement; furthermore, a series of options can be selected in order to include further details in the printout. 
  • Transactions without date are being considered as opening transactions and will not appear in the printouts of the Profit & Loss Statement.

See also Print Example.

Page headers

Rows 1-4

These rows allow the definition of the Staement's headers.

Column heade

Initial date

Insert the initial date of the accounting.

Data finale

Insert the final date of the accounting.

Previous year

Insert the final date of the previous year's accounting.

Print pages

Checking the boxes you define the options you desire to appear in the statement printout:


The accounts will be printed..

Initial page

The initial page of the document with the file headers will be printed.


The categories will be printed.

End of page after Accounts

The accounts and the categories will be printed on two different pages..

Include in printout

By selecting the boxes, you choose the options that must appear in the printout.

Other Tabs

The explanations for the other tabs are available at the following pages:



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