DEBIT-CREDIT difference

Fri, 02/03/2017 - 14:27

The total amount of the Credit transactions does not match the total amount of the Debit transactions.


  1. The counterparty account is missing
  2. A non existing account has been entered
  3. In a multiple transaction (the one on more than one row), you entered a wrong amount, or you didn't enter all the amounts that compose the multiple transaction.
  4. The accounting has not been recalculated (Check accounting).


Locate the row that generated the difference

  • Use  the Check accounting command.
  • If a difference remains, check the totals column (00) in the Accounts/Categories tab, this will allow you to control which progressive operations do not return a zero result.

How to solve the problem

  1. Enter the counterparty account number
  2. Verify in the Accounts table if the account exists. If it is missing, enter it.
  3. Check the amounts and ascertain that none is missing.


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