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Installing on a computer that is not connected to internet

  • Use a computer that has an internet connection and download the installer that is suitable for the operating system of the computer on which the program will be installed.
  • Copy the file to a USB key or a CD
  • Enter the USB key into the computer where the program should be installed
  • Launch the installer
  • Start Banana Accounting and enter the license key.

Windows installation on a server or a USB key

Legal considerations

Remember that in order to execute Banana Accounting from multiple computers, you need to buy as many licenses as there are computers that use the program.

Banana with terminal server and package management systems

Banana accounting can, without any problem, be installed on a server, a terminal server, external disks or can be packaged for distribution, because:

  • Everything necessary to execute Banana Accounting is installed in the installation directory (exe, dll, examples)
  • Banana does not write in the system directories and the system registry
  • The user settings are stored in the registry of each user
  • For each accountin, there is a single file that (as in Excel) can reside on a local disk, network, USB flash drive or a directory in DropBox, Google drive, or other similar systems
  • Banana is compatible with Remote Desktop systems or systems of software packaging for the installation

For more information on the files, see also File - Save.

Installation on a share folder or USB key

  • Follow the normal installation procedure, usually the programm will be installed under C \ Program Files \ BananaXX \  (XX stands for the version number).
  • Start the program BananaXX.exe "as Administrator"
  • Enter and save the license key
  • Copy the entire installation directory on the USB key, share folder or package management system.

For more information on this subject, contact our technical support.

Apple/Mac server installation

It is not possible to install Banana Accounting on Mac servers.
The program must be installed and the license key must be entered on each computer.
Of course, you can save the accounting files on a network disk.


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