Scanning QR-Codes

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The Reports→ Suppliers→ Scan QR-code command displays the Scan code dialog,which allows you to enter one or more QR codes and create the accounting entries and related payment files from these data.

We tested the functionality with the Datalogic QuickScan reader (more on scanner configuration). It is also possible to scan the QR-Codes with a mobile app, copy the data to the clipboard and paste them into the Banana Scan code dialog.

If you have multiple QR codes to scan, use the Next Scan button after each scan. If you are picking up a list of QR codes from the clipboard, they must be separated by semicolons.

To automatically retrieve the supplier's account number, you must correctly specify the supplier's name in the Organization column of the Accounts table, Address view. The text in the Organization column must exactly match the name indicated in the QR code.


Scan QR-Codes





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