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The Banana import format is of type "Text file with column headers".

  • Fields and column name separator is to be tab separated "\t"
  • Each line (after a "\n") is a new record
  • Character code preferably UTF8 or else the local one.
  • The first line contains the columns header name
    • You can use any column name existing on the table
    • Names are case sensitive and must correspond to the Banana NameXml (English) of the column. You can find the NameXml of a column by clicking on the header of the column and moving under Settings, like in the example:


  • Starting from line 2 it contains the data to be imported
    • The format for the Date fields is yyyy-mm-dd
    • The decimal separator is the decimal point "."
    • Amount should not have any thousand separator

File format example:

Date	Doc	Description	AccountDebit	AccountCredit	Amount
2023-10-12	1	Description 01	1020	2800	2000.00
2023-10-19	2	Description 02	6580	1000	300.00
2023-10-12	3	Description 03	1000	2800	3240.00
2023-10-19	4	Description 04	6570	1020	700.00

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