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It’s possible to access to the charts by going to the Extensions menu→Cash Flow Statements and financial RatiosFinancial Charts.

Charts allow you to read the same information as you can find in the report but in a clearer and more
intuitive way. Once the dialogue is open, you can move between the various elements thanks to a drop-down menu.

Ratios charts 

  1. Financing ratios evolution
  2. Liquidity ratios evolution
  3. Profitability ratios evolution
  4. Efficiency ratios evolution
  5. Cashflow ratios evolution

These charts represent the evolution of the indexes over time. For each type of index there is a bar chart,
within which there is a section that represents the evolution over time of each index for each year included
in the analysis. 

index chart


Reclassified Elements charts

  1. Reclassified asset variation
  2. Reclassified liabilities and equity variation

These charts show the time evolution of the reclassified assets, and reclassified liabilities, using stacked
chart. It is possible to see how and in what quantity the groups make up the total of assets and liabilities (in
percentage %)

reclassified assets chart

Reclassified profit and loss variation

Shows by using histogram the value of the intermediate totals (EBIT,EBIT-DA,..) of the reclassified profit and loss account ,and their evolution over the time.

reclassified profit and loss chart


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