Banana Accounting+ for families and individuals

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Banana Accounting is perfect for family management or private bookkeeping and at a very low cost. For individuals we offer two subscription plans:

  • Banana Accounting Plus - Free plan
    To manage your cash (Cash Manager) and your own working hours (Timesheet).
    To try out all the other features up to 70 transactions rows.
  • Banana Accounting Plus - Professional plan for EUR 60/year + local taxes
    Recommended for most families or individuals.

Resources for families and individuals

Different universal templates are available. Universal templates are templates that can be easily adapted to any country.

Start for Free

Start free by simply downloading the program and using it with the Free plan. No personal information is required, even email is optional.
You can try everything, even the Advanced features, up to 70 transactions, with no time limit.
Switch at any time to one of the paid plans while keeping your saved data.

Immediate set-up

Starting with a template is really simple, and in a few minutes you are ready to work. However, we have several short videos that explain how to do it step by step:

Check out all the other videos

Update from an older version

Already have an old version of Banana? Upgrade now and get a free month! Data compatibility is guaranteed and the transition is really easy:

Get started now!

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