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The Banana.console object is used to output messages to the Debug output panel or to the terminal (command prompt). The methods in this object are mainly used for Debugging purposes.

  • To open the debug panel you have to enable the option "Display Debug output panel" under -> Program Options -> Tab Developer options
  • The debug panel is located on the bottom of the main widow near the Info and Messages panels
  • In the debug panel you can choose the level of messages to shows
  • Debug messages can also be displayed in the terminal (command prompt) if the applicaiton is started from a terminal (command prompt) 



Display the msg in the debug panel as critical message.

Banana.console.critical("critical message");


Display the msg in the debug panel as a debug message.
Debug messages are shown if either the 'Debug level' or 'Info level' is selected in the panel.

Banana.console.debug("Debug message");

Display the msg in the debug panel as an info message.
Info messages are shown in the panel only if the 'Info level' is selected."Debug message");


Display the msg in the debug panel as an info message.
Log messages are shown only if in the panel 'Info level' is selected.

Banana.console.log("Debug message");

Since Banana 9.0.4


Display the msg in the debug panel as a warning.

Banana.console.warn("Warning message");

Deprecated since Banana 9.0.4 use console.warning method instead.


Display the msg in the debug panel as a warning.

Banana.console.warning("Warning message");

Since Banana 9.0.4

This documentation is outdated

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