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The new Documents table allows you to include texts, images or programming codes (scripts) into your accounting file.
This table is normally automatically created when attaching some documents to the Balance sheet, using the Account1 - Balance sheet command or the Account1 - Balance sheet with groups command -> Attachments section.

The Documents table has the following columns:

  • Id column
    This is the document's name.
    Documents beginning with the "_" sign have specific meanings.
    • "_budget.js"
      You can enter specific functions created for the Budget table.
  • Description
    A short file description (optional)
  • Attachments
    Contains the file.
    If you click on the cell, an icon will appear to add or edit the file content.

Including a logo when printing the invoices

Some invoice templates are already set to resume a possible logo uploaded in the documents table.
To add the image:
  • Add a new row
  • In the Id column, write 'logo'
  • In the Attachment column, double-click on the cell, or select the Edit symbol, select the type of Image document and select the picture you want to insert in the printout.
    The logo must be an image with a width of 120px and height of 100px.

You can also add other images, to be used in customized templates.



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