Print Reminders

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Banana Accounting Plus, with the CH10 and UNI11 layouts, also allows you to print reminders.

Requirements for using layout preferences:

On the basis of the Invoice data entered in the Invoices table, reminders can be printed.

How to print a reminder

In the Invoices table select the row where the invoice for which you wish to print the reminder is located and proceed as follows:

  • From the menu Reports > Print invoices
  • Select Layout CH10 or UNI11
  • Under Print as, select one of the following options:
    • 1. reminder
    • 2. reminder
    • 3. reminder
  • Confirm with OK

print invoice reminder

Print customization

All settings that characterise the CH10 and UNI11 layouts are also retained in the call-out printout.

To change the settings, go to Print Layout Settings.

Under Texts → Reminder you can define the start and end texts in the reminder

Print example:

reminder preview example




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