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    Management and inventory of door and building keys

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    Easily start managing keys for any building and always know where they are and who they are assigned to. Complete inventory with tracking of key assignment and return. Easy-to-use software. Excel-like interface. You can administer keys for an unlimited number of buildings, properties, industrial and sports facilities.

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    Documentation Modèle

    Simple and effective key management software for doors, palaces, offices and buildings of any kind

    • Accurate list of all keys, with quantity and serial numbers and any other information you want to add.
    • List of people/places where keys are located.
    • Register delivery and return of keys.
    • Insert links to document files and digital receipts, for paperless management.
    • Manage an unlimited number of buildings.

    Key management is based on the inventory application and you have many possibilities. Let us know through the feedback documentation below if you need customizations that can make management even easier and faster.


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