Banana Accounting+ for accountants, fiduciaries and auditors

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Resources for accountants and certified experts

Banana Accounting+ offers accountants and trustees a practical and flexible tool to manage the accounting of their clients as well as their own firm. As an alternative to Excel, Banana Accounting Plus is definitely a very useful and complementary tool.

The Advanced plan for accountants and auditors

Banana Accounting Plus is offered in two plans. For accounting experts we definitely recommend the Advanced plan:

Benefits for the management of your clients

  • With a single subscription you can manage as many clients as you want
  • Change the program language depending on the client
  • Open and read Banana files from any previous version

Several reports and management options:

  •  Financial forecasts
  •  VAT management
  •  Sector management with segments and cost centers
  •  Condominium management
  •  Management of accounts of foreign firms, with other currencies and diversified chart of accounts
  •  Management of small accounts, foundations, trusts, companies in liquidation
  •  Reconstruction of accounting situations
  •  Balance sheet, income statement and external reports

Dramatically reduce your work time

The Advanced plan offers new feature particularly useful for accountants:

Banana Accounting Plus for auditors

Banana Accounting Plus helps auditors complete the auditing work better and faster.

See for more information:

Become a Banana partner

Our users often ask us for help in finding professionals to get accounting and financial advice, since our support service only provides technical assistance in using the program. This is why we offer free visibility to professionals owning an Advanced plan, who offer consulting services using Banana software as well.

Users reviews

"The Rules feature for entries from the bank import works great! Thank you very much, it makes accounting much easier and faster!" - Greg G.

"It works great now! I really like the new feature of the automatic transactions recording." - Daniel S.

"Your program Banana Plus inspires me more and more. The solution with the row filtering and the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + L is simply the awesome. I have always wished for this. This is my feedback on the new version. Bravo!
I have rarely seen an accounting program that offers so much for this price and the support is simply super! I recommend your program everywhere." - Beat Heller

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