Differences in the opening balances

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In order to facilitate checking your accounting work and to immediately find differences, in Banana Accounting Plus, our new version, we added the Balance column in the Transaction table. You can now see potential differences on each row and you can correct them right away. It is a very useful feature when closing the accounting period.
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Differences in the opening balances

At the opening of the Accounting year, the amounts of the Total Assets should correspond to the Total Liabilities, otherwise it is not possible to have a correct balancing. You need to check that in the information window there is no Opening balances difference message. If there is, you first need to correct the opening balances of the Balance Sheet so that the Total Assets balances the Total Liabilities (Opening balance column).

In the following example the program shows an error message reporting a difference of 150.- CHF.

After having corrected the opening balances the Total Assets must correspond to the Total Liabilities.

It is also possible to check the balancing in the Totals table.


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