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The class Banana.Report.ReportStyleSheet is used to set the styles to format a report.

Page size and orientation

At this moment the report is rendered based on the page size defined in the default printer device.
You can't define a page size, bu you can set the orientation with the Style @page.

Page orientation can't be set only once per report, you can't switch from potrait to landscape. 

var stylesheet = Banana.Report.newStyleSheet();
stylesheet.addStyle("@page").setAttribute("size", "landscape");



Create a new style with the given selector. The return object is of type Banana.Report.ReportStyle.

The syntax of selector follow the CSS specification.

  • Style name without a preceding dot are reserved predefined tags like "td", "p", "table"
  • Style name for new class need a preceding point ".myStyle" in the addStyle method.
    The dot name is not used when adding the class name to the element
report.addParagraph("Text to print 24pt", "myStyle");
var style = stylesheet.addStyle(".myStyle");
myStyle.setAttribute("font-size", "24pt");
myStyle.setAttribute("text-align", "center"); 

report.addCell("Text to print");
var styleTd = stylesheet.addStyle("td");
styleTd.setAttribute("font-weight", "bold");


addStyle(selector, attributes)

Create a new style with the given selector and attributes. The return object is of type Banana.Report.ReportStyle.

The syntax of selector and attributes follow the CSS specification.

var style2 = stylesheet.addStyle(".style2", "font.size: 24pt; text-align: center");


Load the styles from the given text. The text follow the CSS specification.

  "p.style1 {font-size:24pt; text-align:center;}" +
  "@page {size:A4 landscape;}"


The selector

The selector follow the css syntax, following you will find some examples:

Selector Selected elements

Select all elements with class xyz

NB.: When you set the class to a ReportElement you enter the name without '.'

table Select all tables Select all tables with class xyz td Select all cells in tables with class xyz
Tag selectors
@page page
body content of the report
phead page header
pfoot page footer
div section
p paragraph
table table
caption table caption
thead table header
tbody table body
tfoot table footer
tr table row
td table cell


You can get the tag of an element through the method getTag();


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