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Extension have different way to display and get data from users.

Displaying information

  • addMessage functions 
    • This will display the information in the same pop-up dialog used in Banana Accounting.
    • The message is also available in the Message window.
    • The function is available from this objects types.
      Application, Document, Table, Row.
  • Banana.Console
    • Let the developer output information to the Debug windows.
    • See Debugging.
  • The Banana.Ui method to display data, like:
    • showText()
      Show the given text in a dialog with the given title.
  • Banana.Report class
    Let you create reports, preview, print and export to pdf or other formats.

Getting information from users

The Banana.Ui class offers methods to display get data from users.

  • Questions
    • showQuestion()
      how the user a question dialog with Yes and No buttons.
  • Getting simple data (for example):
    • getText()
      Show the user a dialog asking to insert a text.
    • getDouble()
      Show the user a dialog asking to insert a double.
    • getItem()
      Show the user a combo box dialog asking to select an item from a list. 
  • Structured date entry dialog:
  • Custom Dialogs

Creating Widgets

With QT Creator you can design any kind of widget and use it in the extension to visualize o get data from the user.

For simple interactions with the user you can use the predefined dialogs of the class Banana.Ui. With those dialogs you can ask the user to insert a value, answer a question, or 

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