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The Accounting Reporting Library (ARL) let you extend you existing e-commerce solution so that it will be capable of preparing balance sheets, VAT report, cash flow projections and all other financial functionalities you find only in advanced global accounting solutions.

Accounting Reporting Library
With the ARL you can directly use your existing data and database to prepare professional, auditable financial reports. You don't need to move to a proprietary cloud solutions/platform just to have the financials reporting. You can preserve your internal know-how and software investments and have a Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) that is, by a wide margin, better than any other alternative solution.

What is Accounting Reporting Library?

The Accounting Reporting Library (ARL) is a standalone software library that provide a full set of accounting calculation, verification and reporting, that you can securely deploy in your server environment. It also include a web server so that your application can be access the financial calculation with a simple REST-API request.

ARL is written in C++. It is very fast and is available for any platform. It is based on the Banana Accounting fully tested software code, used by hundreds of thousands of users in more than 180 countries and with 30 years of history.

Easy integration and maximum data privacy

The ARL is installed on your server by using the existing infrastructure.
Your get full control of the library access, so that your data and calculations will remain internal.

  • Your financial data is stored in your own database.
  • Your solution will call the ARL-API by passing Json objects that contain the necessary data.
  • ARL will return a Json file or pdf with the performed calculation or reporting.

Use cases

  • Directly use your existing e-commerce solution data for accounting purposes.
  • Replace the manual import in Banana Accounting.
    • Customers who have developed their own application as well as export and import data in Banana Accounting, can completely automate the process of creating Balance sheets and relay only on their own database to store accounting transactions.
  • Maintain your software investments.
    • Enhance your existing business solution with Financial reporting.
    • Avoid migrating all your company data to a new solution just because your Financial reporting is not up to date.
  • Extend the reach of your solution.
    • Integrate the financial data already available in your solution (sales of e-commerce) to prepare complete financial reporting. 
    • Create new solutions that include also the necessary financial reporting.
  • Concentrate your investments.
    • Simplify your solution by replacing your existing Financial Accounting development with EFE.
    • Automatically receive update and enhancements.

Module availability

Banana Accounting Financial Engine is available as:

  • Developer module, which you can install on any windows, mac or linux computer, to easily develop and test your developments.
  • Server module running on windows or linux computer.
  • Docker container.
  • Webassembly module (available soon). See Banana Accounting Web, the webassembly solution already available. 


Banana Accounting Reporting Library offers all capabilities of an advanced global accounting solution, the same available to Banana Accounting users.

  • Full professional double entry accounting system.
  • Accounting Settings
    • Flexible start/end period.
    • Flexible decimal numbering, up to 22 decimal precision that easily supports modern currency.
    • Single or multi-currency (with a single basic currency).
    • Multi-language and multi-country.
  • Flexible accounting plan and grouping
    • You can use any kind of accounting number, description and any other field.
    • Flexible accounting grouping and reporting.
    • Multiple accounting number and grouping.
  • Flexible transaction structure
    • Flexible description size, date and any columns you need.
    • Add any needed columns.
    • Create invoice starting from transaction data.
  • Data verification
    • Current data can be checked to verify if they comply with the accounting rules.
  • Financial Reporting
    • Balance sheet reporting.
    • Profit and Loss reporting.
    • Journal.
    • Account card.
    • Fully selectable reporting period.
    • Personalized reports.
  • VAT
    • Flexible VAT Code definition able to support specific national requirements.
    • Automated VAT calculation.
      VAT splitting available only on VAT accounts in basic currency.
    • VAT Journal.
    • Country specific VAT reporting.
  • Other
    • Profit and Cost Centers.
    • Company Segments.
    • Customers accounts.
    • Suppliers accounts.
  • Budgeting and financial forecasting
    • Based on the double entry accounting systems.
    • Create the budget and you also have a Cash and investment plan.
    • Add your own formula and calculation.
    • One or multi-year projection of:
      • Balance sheet.
      • Profit & Loss.
      • Cash flow projection.
  • Invoice calculation and printing.
    • Calculation and validation of Json invoice data.
    • VAT totals.
    • Sub-totals.
    • Predefined layout.
    • Flexible fully self programmable layout.
  • Reporting and export of data
    • To any data structure, XML, JSon, SQL.
    • XBRL.
    • PDF.
    • SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Taxation) .
    • Many county specifics data formats.
    • Fully programmable exports.
  • Data integration
    • Full data validation.
    • Error reporting.
  • Security
    • Support fully separated data structure.
    • Blockchain.

System integration support and training

We offer specialized support and training to integrate the Accounting Reporting Library in your solution.


Price is based on several parameters.

Total Cost of Ownership (TOC)

ARL allows you to enhance your existing solution. It preserves your yearlong investments and does not force you to enter in a very complex migration process. TOC of the ARL solution is usually by a wide margin better than any other alternative, also due to the flexibility of the solution that can be easily integrated in any environment.


The solution is currently in Alpha state. We work with selected customer only.
Interested should contact our customer service and briefly explain their use case and environment.


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