Joining Tables

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Joining Tables

In Banana Accounting Plus it is possible to create links between columns in different tables, using the RowId column.
An example: To have a link between a column in a simple table and the Id column in the Projects table, proceed as follows:

  • Add  "Projects" table
    • In the Id column, indicate the project abbreviation and in the Description an explanation.
  •  In another Simple table, add the text columns:
    • ProjectsId (Table name and "Id")
      When editing, the list of available projects will be displayed.
    • ProjectsDescription (Table name and "Description")
      The column must be protected.
      When changing the contents of the Projects table by entering the Id in the other table, the text of the description will be taken over automatically.
  • When adding a column, to activate the link, perform a recalculation or close and reopen the file.

Add Join Column

The command Tools > Add/Remove Functionalities > Add columns to join tables creates a link column in the table where you are located, with another existing table.

The Description column is added automatically, but can be deleted or hidden if not needed.

The command only works if the table to be linked contains the column 'RowId'.


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