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    Stripe - Import movements .csv (Banana+ Advanced) [BETA]


    This import extension allows you to import the transactions from Stripe platform into Banana. Stripe allows multiple export options, you can use two different export types to import data into Banana:

    You can install the extension from the menu Extensions → Manage Extensions.

    Requirements for use

    Export all transactions

    By exporting all transactions you get a file with detailed transactions for each payment operation, the transactions can of the following type:

    • Payments: Transactions received from paying customers.
    • Charges:  Equal to the payments, are made not with credit cards but through an external platform connected to stripe.
    • Payouts: Funds transferred from Stripe to the bank account
    • Fees: Fees paid to Stripe, or to the connect platform in the form of application fees.
    • Refunds: Funds returned to customers, if the credit card payment is disputed or withdrawn by the payer, reserved funds may also not be present, these funds are only taken from stripe in certain cases, depending on who is making the payment.

    Export procedure

    • Select Payments on the menu
    • Select All transactions
    • Click Export
    • Select the All columns (17)
    • Click on Export

    Export of the balance change from activity

    By exporting the balance change from activity you obtain a file containing movements similar to those of a bank statement. The Balance report is most useful if you treat Stripe like a bank account for accounting purposes, reconciling the balance at the end of each month

    Export procedure

    • Select Reports on the menu
    • Select Balance
    • Select Balance change from activity
    • Click Download
    • Select the All columns (63)
    • Click on Download

    For more information please refer to the documentation about Stripe Reports.

    Import procedure

    The import procedure is similar for both file types

    • Via the Actions → Import to accounting → select Import transactions box
    • Choose the extension to be used, in this case 'Stripe- Import movements .csv (Banana+ Advanced) [BETA]'.
    • With the Browse button, choose the file from which to import the transactions.
    • Press OK Button.

    In the settings dialogue you must enter the date format and the accounts to be used to record stripe movements in the accounts:

    • Stripe Account: Account where the amount is credited.
    • Stripe In: Revenue account, this account records the gross amount paid by the customer
    • *Stripe Reserved Funds: Cost account, used to record the amount reserved by stripe and then returned.
    • *Stripe Fee: Cost account to record transaction-related expenses retained by stripe.

    Import Stripe dialog

    *These elements are only to be entered if you import the data using the "All transactions" method, if you import the balance change from activity you can leave them empty.

    The accounts inserted must exists in your chart of accounts, if you do not yet have any suitable accounts, you can create new ones in your chart of accounts.

     Currently only data in Stripe's Standard columns are imported, data in columns added by other platforms you are connected to are not imported.

    For more details see import transactions page.

    Visualize the imported data

    In the Transactions table:

    • Enable the ExternalReference (External Reference) and the Notes columns to see the id that Stripe has assigned to the transaction, this way you have a reference to the original transaction id generated in Stripe.
    • When imported, transactions are sorted by date, it is possible that transactions belonging to the same operation are split by date and therefore do not occur in succession. We recommended to keep the .csv file as a reference as movements are exported grouped by operation, for control activities you can trace back the original movements using the external reference and notes columns.

    Error Messages

    • Unrecognised *.csv file format: The format of the *.csv file you are trying to import does not match any of the formats associated with this filter:
      • Check that you have chosen the correct file.
      • If the file you have chosen is correct, it may be that our filter requires updating.
    • This extension requires Banana Accounting+ Advanced: You are trying to use the extension with a licence other than the one requested, please upgrade to the Advanced Plan. to be able to use the functionality of this filter.

    Send us a feedback

    This extension is a BETA version, we welcome suggestions for improvement.

    It may happen that the format of the csv file is updated and as a result the filter no longer functions correctly. Send us feedback and attach an example file (.csv) with the new format and we will proceed to update the filter.

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