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    Yokoy - Import movements .csv (Banana+ Advanced) [BETA]


    This import extension allows you to import the transactions from Yokoy platform into Banana.

    You can install the extension from the menu Extensions → Manage Extensions.

    Requirements for use

    Export procedure

    Export your banking transactions in *.csv format by accessing your Yokoy account.

    • Find your movements.
    • Export your account movements by choosing the *.csv format.
    • Save the file on your computer.
    • We recommend saving the file in a place where you can easily find it later and not opening it before importing it.

    Accounting file Setup

    Before importing the data into Banana make sure you follow the steps described below to correctly set up the accounting file (*.ac2) and prepare it for the correct import of transactions:

    • In the transactions table make visible the ExternalReference column. The unique registration number created by revolut is entered here. This value can be used to avoid importing the same registration twice.
    • Check that the accounts you refer to in the entries you import exist in the Accounts table. If an account is not found, an error will be displayed, in which case simply add the account in question to the Accounts table. Do the same thing with the VAT codes in the VAT Table

    Import procedure

    • Via the Actions → Import to accounting → select Import transactions box
    • Choose the extension to be used, in this case 'Yokoy- import transactions (*.csv)'.
    • With the Browse button, choose the file from which to import the transactions.
    • Press OK Button.

    If you are importing transactions from the Business platform, enable in Banana the ExternalReference column, shows the transaction id assigned by Revolut.

    For more details see import transactions page.

    Error Messages

    • Unrecognised *.csv file format: The format of the *.csv file you are trying to import does not match any of the formats associated with this filter:
      • Check that you have chosen the correct file.
      • If the file you have chosen is correct, it may be that our filter requires updating.
    • This extension requires Banana Accounting+ Advanced: You are trying to use the extension with a licence other than the one requested, please upgrade to the Advanced Plan. to be able to use the functionality of this filter.

    Send us a feedback

    It may happen that the format of the csv file is updated and as a result the filter no longer functions correctly. Send us feedback and attach an example file (.csv) with the new format and we will proceed to update the filter.

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