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Import extensions are additional programmes that allow you to import data exported by other programs, in their specific formats. 
Standard extensions, such as those in the ISO 20022 format, are included with the Professional plan, while extensions specific to certain banking institutions, which must be constantly monitored and updated, are only available with the Advanced plan.

Installing an import extension

In order to use an import extension, it must first be installed locally.

Once the extension has been installed it is displayed in the:

Extension Parameters

In some extensions it is possible to change certain import parameters, which can be accessed via the Settings button.

Importing bank statements

The most frequent use of an import extension is to import bank statements into the accounts.

Request for a new or update Import extensions

If a suitable format for importing data from your bank or other organization does not already exist or is not working, you can ask our developers to create an import extension.

In order to create or update an import extension for a specific file format these steps are necessary:

  • Our programmers need to receive:
    • An example file of the data to be imported, with some transactions (without sensitive personal information).
    • The exact details of the bank, organization or software that generated the file.
    • Information on the type of data contained (bank statement, invoice data, salaries, etc.),
    • Explanations on the file content type, links to specifications made available by the bank or software producer.
    • The date on which the file was generated.
    • For files exported from other programs, with data structures that are not immediately understandable, an explanation or examples of the transactions that should be generated in the accounts.
  • Evaluation of the request:
    • It will depend on the complexity of the development and whether the import may be of interest to other users.
    • A share of the development or upgrade costs may be required.
  • We will consider whether to proceed with the creation of the file and if so:
    • We will use the example file sent to us as a reference and for testing, whereby the content will be publicly available.
    • Unless otherwise agreed, the extension will be developed according to the open source method.
    • The extension will generally be available for installation to Advanced Plan users.
  • There is no guarantee that the extension will be kept constantly up-to-date.
    Banks often change their file format without giving prior notice.
  • Update existing extensions:
    • Over time, the formats of .csv files are changed or modified and consequently the corresponding import filters must also be updated.
    •  The old import filters (Banana 9 or earlier) will be made available to Banana Plus users with the Advanced plan after the update.
    • It is possible that some old filters will also work correctly with Banana Plus. In these cases, they can continue to be used without any problems until they need to be updated.
    • Updating a filter is done when users tell us that the current version no longer works correctly.
    • Old versions remain available but are no longer updated or corrected.

Developing your own import extensions

If you are a programmer you can create your import extensions. Please visit:

The possibility of creating your own extensions is only available with the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus.

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