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In Banana Accounting Plus it is possible to completely customise invoice printing by means of:

Recommended layouts

The choice of new customisable and programmable layouts is recommended.

Changing the settings of a layout

Each layout has its own settings page that allows customisation. Some layouts allow you to change the font, colour, include or not include the header.
The Swiss CH10 layout allows you to add the QR-Code.

The layout settings dialogue is displayed :

  • Extensions menu → manage extensions → Choose layout and click on Settings.
  • Accounting:
    • Report menu → Customers → Print Invoices.
    • In the Print → Layout dialogue, choose a layout from those installed and click on the Settings button.
    • From the Print preview click on Settings icon.
  • Estimates and Invoices application:
    • Print invoice.
    • From the Print preview click on Settings icon.

Logo position and address

On the Logo setup page you will find information on how to position the logo and address of the invoice header.
You can, for example, place the logo on the left and the address on the right and change the size of the logo.

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