Contextual help for solving errors

News • 21/07/2023 •

Are you already using the Contextual Help in Banana Accounting Plus? It's really helpful for resolving any errors as it provides immediate assistance exactly related to what you're working on.


Here is where you can find Contextual Help:

  • Help button in error message windows or dialogue windows (A and D)
  • Question mark symbol in the table or in the Info or Message window (B and C)

Aiuto contestuale in diversi livelli

It is also very easy to use, helping you find the solution you need:

  1. Click on the Help button or the Question Mark
  2. You arrive directly at the specific documentation page
  3. Read about possible causes and their solutions

Video: The Interface of Banana Contabilità Plus (Contextual Help 08:07)

In order to make Contextual Help both more effective and help you to easily get to the solution, the Banana Accounting Plus documentation is continuously improved and updated.

You don't have Banana Accounting Plus yet?

If you still have an old version of Banana and you upgrade to Banana Plus from CHF 69/year (€ 60 + VAT/year), you will get 1 month FREE, and you will benefit from many new features that simplify and speed up your bookkeeping!

Banana Accounting Plus is fully compatible with previous versions, you will be able to continue working on your files by simply opening them with the new version.

Video: how to upgrade to Banana Accounting Plus (Swiss users)