How to speed up your accounting in Banana Plus

News • 15/06/2022 •
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Do you know that in Banana Plus there are several handy features that allow you to speed and automate your work? They are very useful when you have little time to do accounting.


Features for fast entry

The most frequently used functions for fast data entry:

  • Balance column
  • Shortcut keys
  • Recurring transactions
  • Data copy, cut and paste
  • Auto-completion for texts, accounts and amounts
  • Import bank statements
  • Execute command (F6 key)
  • Check accounting command
  • Integrated calculator

Balance column

The Balance column, present only in Banana Accounting Plus, helps you to immediately identify the rows from where the accounting difference originates allowing you to rectify it right away.

From one of our very happy customers:

"It's fantastic! Thanks to the new Balance column, I can see how there is an error. If I correct it, I can see the next error right away. The nice side effect, besides a more rational work, is that I now need a third of the time for checking. And that's really the point: less time - less cost - happy customers."

Shortcut keys

You just press keys on your keyboard to perform tasks in a second! See the list of Shortcut keys.

Recurring transactions

In the Recurring transactions table you enter all the transactions that recur each month. They can then be retrieved in the Transactions table by an assigned code, so you avoid retyping the same texts over and over again.

registrazioni ricorrenti

Banana interface

Fast data entry is possible mainly because of the table interface. Do you know all the elements of the Banana Plus interface? If you are new to the software, but not only, it will be helpful to know that we have improved the Interface documentation page. It is now clearer and more intuitive, thanks to new images and more precise explanations!

Interfaccia Banana Contabilità Plus

Switch now to Banana Accounting Plus

If you don't have it yet, update now to Banana Accounting Plus for only CHF 69/year (€ 60 + VAT/year) for the Professional plan. By updating you will get 1 month FREE.

Banana Accounting Plus is fully compatible with the previous versions, you will be able to continue working on your files simply by opening them with the new version. Users who have switched to Banana Accounting Plus tell us that they are very satisfied.

The Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus has additional advantages, which is why it is a favourite of those who have to do their bookkeeping on a regular basis, accountants and trustees.