Using Banana Accounting for auditing purposes

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Using Banana for auditing companies that use other accounting software

When you are auditing companies that use other software, you usually do not have full access to the accounting data on their computers. The auditors usually receive pdf files and in some cases a limited access to the accounting solution.

Excel is a very important tool for auditors. They use it to do reconciliations and create specific reports.
This requires a lot of attention from the auditors. Errors in formulas can be difficult to discover.

Where there is quite a lot of data to reconcile, auditors can create a new accounting file in Banana and import the data from the original accounting file.
With Excel you can read CSV files, adjust and copy and paste into Banana Accounting.
You will immediately know if there are any imbalances and you can have access to all account cards and print the Profit & Loss statement and Balance sheet. You have full access to the data and in most cases, you don't need to setup reconciliations in Excel.

Importing data in Banana Accounting

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