Auditing companies using Banana Accounting

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Auditing companies that use Banana Accounting take usually less time then when using other accounting software.

  • The auditor can install the Banana Accounting software on his computer.
    It is free, as with the Free Version that you download and install, you can open any accounting file and you can navigate through the accounting data.
  • With the full version, you can save changes (colored rows, added cost centers, selections to copy data in Excel).
  • Ask your client to give you their accounting file.
    You can copy it on your computer and you have access to all accounting data.
    If possible, you might even ask for the files of the previous years, so you can have access to historic data.
  • If your client uses digital documents, ask them also for these data, so you don't need them to bring you all the paper folders.
    When you are on a specific transaction or in the account card, a simple click lets you open the document relative to the transaction.
  • Use the command "Check accounting" and the software will inform you if there are any imbalances or differences. 
  • You can check if the digital seal of the blockchain is the same same as the one archived.
    If it is, you can be sure that the content of file has not been altered.
  • In the Accounts table, you see all accounts and you drill down and see all transactions.
  • You can extract the transactions for a specified period of your choice.
  • You can color transactions that need further inquiry.
  • You can add other information  (columns auditors note) or Cost centers for reconciliation.
  • You can select and extract data.
    Banana Accounting will do the sums for you, without worries about possible errors. You do not have to do reconciliations with Excel.
  • You can copy the data from Banana and paste in Excel. 
  • When you select an account or a group, you can see the chart with the evolution of the balance at the bottom of the window.
    You immediately can have an overview of the evolution. If the Cash account gets negative, you will notice immediately.

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