Transfer to the 2018 VAT rates


For the various changes occurring, please refer to the  New VAT rates 2018 page.

Users who have versions prior to version 9 can refer to the specific page of Banana 8 for the transition to the new VAT rates.

The execution of the facsimile of the Swiss VAT takes place via the Apps menu.

Please find the various steps to follow for adapting to the new VAT codes below.

Required Updates

In order to set up the facsimile of the Swiss VAT form automatically you will have to:

How to update your VAT Codes table with the new rates

We recommend that you do this at the beginning of 2018, before you start entering your 2018 transactions.

To update the VAT Codes table of your accounting file, proceed as follows:

  • Open your accounting file
  • From the Account1 menu, choose the Import into accounting command and then select VAT Codes.

  • Select "Switzerland: New VAT Rates 2018"
  • Confirm with the OK button.
  • A dialog window will appear were you can choose between two options:
    • Add new codes and new groups
      To be used when maintaining some of your own VAT codes. In this case, the program adds the new VAT codes while leaving the existing ones unchanged.
    • Replace all rows
      To be used if you do not need to keep the existing VAT Codes table.
      In this case, the VAT Codes table is completely replaced with the new table from the downloaded file.

  • Check your accounting file
    From the Account1 menu choose the Check accounting... command.
    If in your transactions there are VAT codes not present in the VAT Codes table, you need to enter the missing VAT codes or replace the existing ones with the ones from the new VAT Codes table.
    In order to speed up this operation you can use the Find and replace command from the Data menu.

Flat VAT rate

For the Flat VAT rate method, from 2018 new VAT rates will be applicable.
We recommend updating the VAT Codes table, replacing all the codes as described above.

  • If you use the end of the period VAT calculation method (without splitting the VAT amount in the transactions), you must enter the new VAT rate when proceeding with the VAT report.

  • If you however split the VAT amount for each transaction, you need to change your VAT Codes table entering the new rate.

For more information please visit the Swiss VAT tax report - Flat tax rate method page.




This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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