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Version 7.0.6 - 140408

Released April 8, 2014

  • The Charts of accounts for Switzerland have been updated to reflect the new mandatory requirements
  • The "Search for Transaction differences" feature indicates the position of the differences with greater precision.
  • In the Accounting report, the option "Include accounts with 0 balance" and "Include accounts with transactions" function correctly
  • With the commands "Copy rows" and "Insert copied rows" it is possible to copy the rows also between the different tables and accounting files.
  • Added contextual help for tables and for error messages.
  • In the "Import to accounting" command, the "Import the data from clipboard" option functions correctly.
  • Command "Find and replace": the use of characters like "*", ".", "?" works fine.
  • Autobackup file is being created correctly at the defined intervals.
  • Mac OS X 10.9: the disposition of the texts in the buttons has been corrected.
  • Linux: all the netwoprk printers are listed correctly.
  • Several other changes and minor improvements.

Version 7.0.5 - 140325

Released Mai 25, 2014

  • Several internal changes and minor improvements.

Version 7.0.4 - 130925

Released September 25, 2013

  • In the Multi-currency accounting, the exchange rates with a date are now also being used to fill in the transactions in foreign currency.
  • Bank statements in ISO 20022 (*.xml) and MT940 (*.txt) format can be opened and displayed directly in Banana.
  • It is possible to select individual non-contiguous cells to obtain the total of the selected amounts.
  • The recurring transactions can be retrieved from the smartlist also by pressing "Enter" or by selecting them with the mouse.
  • The recurring transactions with the same document number can be grouped in the smartfill in one single row.
  • In the Income & Expense accounting, the Enhanced statement with groups command has been added.
  • In the Enhanced Balance sheet with groups, for the accounts of the Profit & Loss statement, the opening balances are being calculated.
  • In the Enhanced Balance sheet with groups, the amounts of the budget are being adapted to the period and to the selected subdivision.
  • The ISO 20022 files, supplied in compressed tar or tar.gz formats (Postfinance), can be imported without having to be extracted.
  • When retrieving recurring transactions, the balances of the Accounts table are being updated correctly.
  • The layout in print preview and export to pdf correspond with each other.
  • The file of the preceding year is being uploaded correctly, even when it is stored in a sub-folder compared to the current year.  
  • In the Export to pdf command of the Income & Expense accounting, the Enhanced statement and the Enhanced stament with groups can be included. 
  • In the Balance sheet with groups, the "Diff. Budget" and "Currency2" columns can be included.
  • In the Balance sheet with groups of the Multi-currency accounting, the currency symbol is being displayed.
  • In the External accounting reports, also the user-defined columns of the type of amount are being totaled.
  • In the scripts, the format of the dates and the amounts to be converted in internal format, can now be defined.
  • In the Enhanced Balance sheet and the Enhanced Balance Sheet, a zoom (character size) greater than 100% can now be applied.
  • When printing, the message "No printer installed" does not appear when there are printers that are being installed.
  • In the Balance sheet with groups, the message "Difference between the Accounts table and the Totals table" no longer appears if there are no differences.
  • When retrieving recurring transactions, the missing values such as the Exchange rate or the VAT percentage are being inserted automatically.
  • In the Import Cash book dialogue, the start and end date correspond to the initial and final date of the transactions included in the cash book.
  • When printing in pdf,  in pdf unicode sequences are printed correctly.
  • When printing in pdf, texts in Chinese, Japanese and Korean are printed correctly
  • Templates and examples for Switzerland, in English, have been added
  • Also available for Linux
  • Several other changes and minor improvements

Version 7.0.3 - 130314

Released March 14, 2013

  • Spanish and Portugese languages added
  • In the status bar, apart from the sum of the different amounts, also the number of selected amounts is now being given
  • Importing ISO 20022: the formats camt.052, camt.053 and camt.054 have been added to the import function
  • Importing MT940: the separators of the ZXX? field, present in the UBS format, have been removed from the description
  • VAT report with Flat tax rate: the form also works with the automatic VAT splitting (with the percentage that has been defined in the VAT table)
  • Several other changes and minor improvements: we refer to the Italian page or the Automatic translation in English thereof.

Version 7.0.2 - 121217

Released December 17, 2012

  • Swiss VAT report added "Flat tax rate method"
  • Xml export compatible with VAT Report for Italy
  • Dutch language and corresponding examples added
  • In case the separator of the decimals is a comma, the exchange rate in the Transactions table is being picked up correctly
  • In the Print preview and in the Print-out, only the selected rows will be displayed and printed when a selection has been made
  • When, in the edit mode, the maximum text length has been reached, the program doesn't allow the user to add more characters
  • In the Sort rows dialog, the parameter "Ascending/Descending" is being applicated correctly
  • The Sort rows command applies the lexicographic order correctly (for example, the entry "Ab"is now counted as greater than "a")
  • In the "Views setup" dialog, when a dialog is being masked, the correct view is being deactivated
  • In the "Views setup" dialog, the "Activate view" button has been added.
  • In the Addresses/Labels application, the "Delimiter" option has been added in the "Copy email list" dialog
  • The label margins are being corrected according to the print margins of the printer
  • Importing into accounting of accounts, VAT codes and exchange rates functions correctly
  • The Notes field of the Cash book is being correctly imported when using the Import to accounting command
  • In the ISO 20022 importation, the fields Date value and External Reference have been added; all texts are now being converted into Camel case
  • When importing in script, also the last row is being imported correctly
  • When exporting in xml, the configured period is being picked up correctly
  • The functions "Search" and "Replace" are accelerated
  • For accounting files with more than 10'000 accounts or transactions, the editing of the zoom in the program options has been accelerated.
  • The smartfill will now show itself empty when the description of the account that has been entered doesn't match with an existing account. 
  • In the smartfill, the segments can be recalled also through to the description in addition to recalling them through the segment number 
  • In the info window, the information on the accounts and groups (for the Income & Expense Accounting) have been completed. 
  • The formatting of the Chart of accounts is being reproduced correctly in the print-outs, if the "Ignore line formatting" option is deactivated.
  • The report header with a selected period is corrected
  • In the Income & Expense Accounting, the Balance column of the Transactions table has been removed
  • When the Expiry dates table is being opened, the Expiry dates view is automatically being selected
  • In the "Carry forward new balances" dialog in the combobox for the second and the third account for the profit/loss allocation, the description of the account is displayed
  • The Help page will be opened in the program language and not in the browser language
  • In the "Manage license keys" dialog, the entered license key is being displayed as masked
  • Several configurations have been updated in the example files: by default have been activated "Transaction date required" and "Records (+/-) cost centers according to the category", and by default has been deactivated the "Recalculate totals manually (F9)" option
  • Under Windows, the changes on the international settings, like the date and amount format, is being applied immediately without having to restart the application
  • If an invalid license key is being entered, the reason why the key is invalid is now being specified
  • When, with a double click, a file that has been protected with a password is being opened, the dialog window for entering the password stays on the foreground for entering the password from the keyboard
  • Opening of  *.sba Speedbalance files
  • Several other changes and minor improvements

Version 7.0.1 - 120927

Released the 12th of September 2012

First version of Banana Accounting 7.0