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This table shows the amortisation codes.
Therse are predefined codes that must not be changed.Amortisable assets register, Amortisation type table​​​


  • Id
    The amortisation code.
    These codes are fixed and must not be modified.
    If you change the Id number the program will not operate correctly anymore.
    • 00 No amortisation. No amortisation will be created.
    • 01 Full amortisation at once of the item. The item is amortised all at once.
    • 02 Specified amount. The amortisation is calculated, based on the entered amount.
    • 10 On the historical value. The amortisation is calculated as a percentage of the historical value.
    • 11 On the book value. The amortisation is calculated on the book value.
  • Description
    The code explanation
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