Advanced invoice layout customisations


The Invoice Print Layout is an extension of Banana Accounting Plus which programs the printing of invoices.

  • It is a program written in Javascript.
  • It takes as input a JSON Invoice object which contains all the invoice data.
  • It programs the printing of the different elements.
  • The formatting and positioning of the elements is done with CSS styles.
  • It provides a dialogue for customising the printout, so that even without programming knowledge, the invoice printout can be adapted.

Customising layouts with programming

CH10 and UNI11 layouts can be customised through specific programming. Printouts can be made that modify the layout to a greater or lesser extent. They require knowledge as a CSS programmer or graphic designer.

Creating Your Own Print Layouts

Users with advanced knowledge can also create their own print layouts. See developer documentation:

Electronic invoice: export layout

With the layout system, it is also possible to program the invoice data to be exported in a certain format.  See:


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