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News • 10/01/2024 •

Banana Accounting is an essential tool for the majority of our clients, with continuity being one of its most cherished features, to which we assign great importance. With this purpose in mind, we aim to provide our clients with clear insights into the present and future of Banana Accounting, both in terms of pricing policies and technological advancements.


Professional accounting at an affordable price

Banana Accounting has undergone a significant evolution, maintaining, like Excel, the same intuitive and user-friendly interface for over thirty years, greatly appreciated by users. Consistently providing high-quality and cutting-edge accounting software is a challenge that requires a sustainable business model. Currently, like many other companies, we are faced with the need to adjust prices to ensure the competitiveness and adaptability of the accounting product in an increasingly digital context.

After extensive consultations with our clients, we have outlined our pricing strategy, which we summarize below:

  • Unchanged cost for the Professional plan, preferred by micro-businesses, associations, and individuals
    We maintain the subscription cost for the Professional plan at CHF 69 per year, also absorbing the VAT increase. This commitment extends to users outside Switzerland, with a cost of EUR 60 + local VAT. Additionally, Professional plan users can manage VAT for free with the new extension until 30.06.2024, with the option to consider upgrading to the Advanced plan.
  • Free software for schools
    We continue to offer the software for free to schools teaching accounting in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Swiss VAT 2024 Extension in the Advanced
    Starting July 1, 2024, using the new extension for Swiss VAT 2024 will require a subscription to the Advanced plan at CHF 149 per year or EUR 129 + VAT. This decision provides ample time for a calm and informed choice. Several significant features have been introduced in the Advanced plan, highly beneficial for those regularly handling accounting. We believe that upgrading to the Advanced plan and using the new features results in significant time savings, translating into clear economic advantages.

This pricing policy is generally understood by our customers, confirming that Banana Accounting Plus remains the most competitive professional accounting software on the market.

The future challenges of Banana Accounting Plus

Our goal is to ensure the continuity of offering high-quality, reliable, and cutting-edge software and services. In this perspective, we take the opportunity to highlight some areas for improvement where we believe Banana Accounting Plus will become even more effective.

Cash Basis Accounting

Banana Accounting Plus optimally manages both accrual and cash basis accounting. Focused on the traditional double-entry journal, it allows for the precise and swift recording of any transaction, especially during financial closures. This precision and speed are particularly evident in managing cash basis accounting, recording receipts and payments, and updating the accounts of customers and suppliers at the end of the year.

The increasing use of instant digital payments and the transition to QR invoices leads to a decrease in long-term outstanding positions. Many small businesses are adopting the cash basis accounting method for its simplicity and speed in financial management. Additionally, numerous trust firms are increasingly choosing the cash basis system, opting for Banana Accounting Plus due to its adaptability to diverse needs and significant time savings. Furthermore, it is well-suited for delegating the entry of accounting transactions and the collection of supporting documents to clients who wish to do so. This approach allows the trustee to focus on providing value-added services such as accounting checks, closures, tax declarations, and consultations.

Our aim is to further facilitate and expedite the accounting for small businesses adopting the cash basis, fostering collaboration between trustees and clients.

Integration of banking and digital data

Banana Accounting Plus allows for the easy import of banking data and the application of transaction completion rules with full control.

Banks are developing new interfaces that will allow us to further simplify data retrieval operations in the future by automating data downloads.

Businesses are increasingly using digital services, such as online shops, payment systems, and more. Already today, thanks to various extensions, it is possible to easily integrate this data into Banana Accounting Plus and then complete and modify it as needed. In the future, we expect to continue improving integration based on customer needs.

Integration with Cloud storage services 

More and more businesses and individuals regularly use cloud data storage services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox. Banana Accounting Plus allows you to save accounting files and receipts wherever you want, enabling you to use your own cloud system to have files on all devices and share them with collaborators or external consultants.

Cloud data management systems will become more intuitive over time, facilitating collaboration among small businesses, individuals, and their consultants. It will be possible to exchange information via chat, conduct video conferences, and easily share accounting files, electronic receipts, letters, and other business documents.

Unlike other accounting solutions that mandate the use of their own cloud, Banana Accounting Plus supports existing cloud systems. Thanks to the absence of managing an expensive cloud infrastructure, we can offer the software at a significantly more competitive price. Even if the subscription to Banana Accounting Plus is not renewed, accounting data and all receipts remain accessible for internal or tax reviews, in compliance with legal requirements.

Integrated cloud services will become increasingly crucial for the efficiency and competitiveness of small businesses, allowing them to more easily access value-added services provided by their accountants and consultants. Accountants are also increasingly adopting Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, and other similar services to enhance efficiency and expand their offerings.

Banana Accounting Plus is constantly evolving and will integrate more efficiently with the cloud services used by our customers.

The world's first WebApp for professional accounting

Banana Accounting Plus' new WebApp is a tangible example of the technological innovation we consistently strive for; it represents the world's first WebApp dedicated to professional accounting.

Currently, Banana Accounting Plus' WebApp still has some limitations compared to the desktop version, but it is nonetheless useful for streamlining the onboarding of new users, as it is available without the need for installation. This innovative technology has taken significant strides, and we are confident that it will bring numerous benefits to users.

We are at your disposal

We have mentioned only a few of the most significant trends on which we are focusing our efforts. While there are many other important aspects, we prefer not to delve further and conclude by emphasizing the considerable, albeit less visible, work we dedicate to keeping the software at the forefront of technology.

The development of Banana Accounting Plus focuses on the needs of our customers. If you have any questions or suggestions, whether about pricing, technical matters, or anything else, please feel free to contact us; we are at your disposal.


We believe that the testimonials published below provide a better understanding of why our company pursues the corporate policy described above.

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
this morning (as a long-time user - private use since 2005, business use since 2017), I renewed my subscription to Banana for another year, and I would like to congratulate you on your product. The adjectives that come to mind spontaneously are "easy to use - intuitive - uncomplicated - robust - good value." I particularly appreciate the video tutorials, such as the one that explains how to download the new VAT rates. As a non-native digital user, this has given me an additional sense of accomplishment. 
And above all: [...] I hope you can remain in a competitive market for a long time, and I send you my best regards."
2024-01-17, Annerös Rohner (translation from German)

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