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Domenico Zucchetti

President and Founder of

Adriano Petrino

Member of Administrative Board

Amedeo Zucchetti

Member of Administrative Board

Caterina Casuscelli

Accounting Office and Personnel Management

Claudia Albisetti

Programmer Web pages Management

José del Romano

Programmer Server Management

Aaron Ploszaj


Christian Cocco

Web System Administrator / Senior Software Engineer

Ruben Bravi


Timo Anzalone

Graphic Designer Web Designer

Paola Maranzana

Marketing - Graphic Designer Customer support E/I/PT/ES

Michael Mercurio

Social Media Communication Marketing

Ivan Gropetti

Web pages Management Content creator

Svjetlana Antic

Patrick Pasquillo

Barbara Manzone

Customer support D/EN

Tiziana Maruca

Customer support D/I

Isabelle Pasini

Customer support I/EN/F

Sabine De Luca

Customer support D/I

Nathalie Imholz

Customer support D/I