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Banana Accounting use this open source library:

The exact version of the library is visible within the software under

  • Info regarding Banana Accounting
  • Patent and legal informations

Building the libraries

The above indicated libraries are dinamically linked.
If you want to use modified libraries:

  • Qt Framework. Banana use the dll libraries build made available by the The Qt Company for each platform.
    For building your own libraries simply follow the Qt instrunctions.
  • Libharu libraries are also build with the default builds scripts.
  • QtWebApp have been modified by
    • Added support to compile the library dinamically on windows.
    • Added support to start the web server only for local host, so that it does not trigger the firewall.
    • We make modified code available so that you can compile using the normal setting.

Replacing the libraries

Once you have re-build the library and created the dll:

  • Replace the libraries/dll
    • In Windows the libraries are in the program directory
    • In Mac are under the directory frameworks
    • In Android are in the lib directory
    • In Linux are in the lib directory


If you have question let us know.



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