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Optimized for the new Windows 10, Mac und Linux Operating Systems

Banana Accounting 8 maintains the same use, it is compatible with previous versions, and introduces important new functions that our clients requested. The program now indicates whether there has been an interruption and whether there are data that have not been saved. More info...

Compatible with previous versions

Banana 8 uses the same format of the 5.12 version. Files edited with version 8 can therefore be read from previous versions.

Work with colors!

By coloring the rows (text or background), it is easier to see and find accounts and transactions.

Accounting templates up to date

Several templates are available for the double-entry accounting, as well as for the income & expenses accounting and the cashbook, in several languages and for different nations.

Hi-quality accounting data

With Banana Accounting you can correct possible differences, transcription errors or change the Debit/Credit account, if wrongly entered.
Even if you are a non expert user, you can achieve a perfectly ordered accounting file, avoiding the cash going negative, and having your bank accounts match your bank reports.

Share your files

You can move your files and share them with Dropbox, I-Cloud, e-mail or USB stick.

Find texts in a more efficient way

You can now find all the texts matching your search criteria and you can leave the Find window open for future searches.

Advanced verification system

Forgot something? No problem, the Check accounting command, will instantly recalculate all your accounting file, and will alert your if possible errors or differences are found. By clicking on the symbol, next to the error message  (in the Info or Messages window), you will be directly connected to the NEW online page explaining the error message and suggesting possible causes and solutions.

Handy online documentation

Every alert message has a direct link to the corresponding page at our online documentation. You will find useful tips and step by step instructions on how to best operate and to solve your problem.

Convert your accounting plan according to the new Swiss regulations

You can set a new accounting file using one of the new templates, and then automatically resume and convert your existing data, no longer complying with new regulations.

Print your report according to the new Swiss regulations

If you decide not to change your existing accounting plan structure, you can still print your report according to the new Swiss regulations, thanks to a Banana external accounting report file.

Balance sheet attachment

In the Balance sheet printouts you can also include a text for the attachment.

List of the customers/suppliers overdue invoices

The new functions for the Customers / Suppliers management, allow you to view the list of customers and suppliers overdue invoices.

Easily create your customized printouts

With the Composition command it is easier to setup and save your customized printouts; you can also save your own settings to print Account cards, Extract and sort rows, Addresses and labels, ...

Business intelligence

Banana allows you to manage segments and cost centers.
You will have a much more precise and detailed view of each sector or project of your business.

Account cards also for groups, segments and classes

You can now obtain all movements of a segment, a group or a class, in their corresponding account card.

Plan your cash flow and your business

With the budget transactions you can now simulate in detail how your business and your cash flow will evolve.

Import your bank statements

You can import data from your bank statements or from external invoicing software.
Banana creates the transactions resuming the statement data.
Banana supports many different standard (ISO 20022) or specific (PayPal) formats.

Manage your VAT in a simple way

All VAT calculations are automatic.
For Switzerland, the program prepares the fac-simile of the VAT report for the effective method or the flat tax rate method.
You just need to copy the amounts on the official form.

Dynamic link to Excel and graphics creation

You can create Excel sheets and graphic presentations linked to your accounting file that automatically update themselves when your accounting data are changed.


Multi-currency - Transactions for exchange rate variation at a specific date

You can enter historic exchange rates that the program will use in the transactions in order to calculate the exchange rate variation differences at a specific date.
You can also specify, for each account, a different exchange rate difference account to be used.


Save in Pdf from Preview

All printouts can be previewed and exported in Pdf format.

Export only specific data of the accounting file

Store all your accounting data in a single Pdf file

At the end of the year you can create a Pdf file with all your accounting data: Balance sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Transactions, Account cards, VAT report.


Get customized report with the new Banana Apps

You can download the Banana Accounting Apps or you can create your own, in order to obtain very specific presentations, required for example for specific regulations, for associations, controlled administrations, or in order to comply to a specific nation's regulations.

Digital certification of the accounting data

You can lock your transactions at a specific date and protect them with a password.
As required by the law, accounting data integrity is ensured by a top quality certification system (US Patent N.7.020 .640), the same used by electronic currencies like bitcoin.
It is now also possible to unlock transactions only partially.

New Utilities application

The Address book utility has a new table, and there is a new utility to manage Libraries and Diary.

Address book - Link between Contacts data and diary

The new Groups table now allows you to classify your contacts in different groups (business contacts, family, etc.), while in the Diary table you can enter notes.

Manage books and collections items

Thanks to the new Libraries utility you can manage books (private book collections, libraries), DVD (video stores), valuables collections, etc.
In the Books table you can enter the items with all the characteristics(Title, Author, etc.), while in the other tables you can manage the loans, the due dates and the archive.

and much more ....to find out!


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