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Filters are extensions that make it possible to add new formats to the  "Import into accounting" dialog.

In Banana Accounting 7, one can extend some of the functions by means of small javascript programs. In order to create your own Import filters, see the Scripts page.

Enables the selected filter and makes it visible in the "Import into accounting" dialog.

Disables the selected filter. A disabled filter cannot be seen in the "Import into accounting" dialog. 

Permanently deletes the selected filter. It is not possible to delete files that are installed at the system level or that are for all users.

Makes it possible to add a filter.

Update filters
Allows the user to update the filters by downloading the most recent version from Banana Accounting's server. If there are now filters, they will be added to the list. The imported filters will not be modified.

The filters will be installed in the user folder. Thus only the user who imported the new filters or updated the available filters will see them. To install filters for all users or at a system level, a manual procedure for installing the filters would need to be followed. 

When moving with the cursor over the filter, a box will appear, indicating the id, installation folder, version and date of the filter.


Documentation on how to create customized filters can be found under: Scripts.