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In the Estimates and Invoices application, it is possible to have all invoices created from one year to the next in a single file, without having to create a new file for the new year.

If, however, you wish to have separate invoices from one year to the next or not display the invoices from the previous year, there are two possible solutions:

1.  Archive the registered invoices to empty the Invoices table

  •  From the Invoices menu, choose the option Archive data Archive table data. More information can be found on the page Archiving Invoices.
  • Archived invoices are displayed in the Archive (Invoices) table and removed from the Invoices table.

2.    Create a new file by making a copy of the previous year

  •  Start from the current file and from File in the menu, click onto Save As command, naming the new year.
     You can also create a copy of the file from the menu, Tools → Create file copy command.
  •  In the Invoices table delete all rows where the previous year's invoices appear

For the Estimates and Invoices application, on the topic Create New Year, new developments will be possible in the future.

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