Update to Banana Accounting Plus (Switzerland)

Discover how to upgrade now to Banana Accounting Plus.

00:00 - Upgrade to Banana Accounting Plus
00:12 - Purchase your subscription
01:21 - Download and install Banana Accounting Plus
01:44 - Enter your email

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Upgrade to Banana Accounting Plus
Work even faster!
Find out how to upgrade to Banana Accounting Plus now
The new version of the programme is available with an annual subscription
It allows you to always have program updates for free

Purchase your subscription
Open Banana Accounting 9
In the toolbar, click on "Updates available"
and access the updates page where you will find all the information
You will be able to see all the new features
Select the plan you prefer for users from Switzerland
and start the annual subscription purchase process
Enter your email address as a registered user, then click Continue
On the next screen
Enter the 6-digit verification code you received by email, then click Next
On the next screen enter your full address,
choose a payment method, and click Continue
Then complete the payment process
click on Purchase now
On the order confirmation screen
you can immediately set the password for your user account
When you purchase online from our Swiss shop, you also automatically create a Banana user account
Log in to your user account
with email and password
From your user account you can view and edit your subscription information: invoices, address, payment method, manage and add users, cancel subscription, and more

Download and install Banana Accounting Plus
Go to the Download page and download Banana Accounting Plus for your operating system
Click on Download to download the installation file
Open the downloaded file to start the installation procedure
The installation takes a few seconds
At the end, Banana Accounting Plus is launched

Enter your email
When opening Banana Accounting Plus
the program displays the Manage Subscription dialog window
The dialog is always available also from the Help menu, Manage subscription
Enter your email address as a registered user,
the one you used to purchase the subscription
then click Next
You will receive an email with a 6 digits verification code
Enter here the verification code
and click Next
The program will show you all the information about your subscription
such as your current plan,
and the relative expiration date
The upgrade to Banana Accounting Plus is now complete!

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