Accounting in more languages

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Banana Accounting software lets you setup the accounting file to use different languages.

  1. Create the accounting file with a main language.
  2. Add another language by adding the columns for the description in the other language.
    You can add as many languages you need.
  3. Customize the printout.

Program language

Every user can select and change the program language any time. Changing the program language will have no effect on the accounting data and accounting setup.

Adding columns for a different language

You can use the command Add column to create a supplementary column for the description in second language, in the table accounting, VAT table or Transaction's table. Use the language name (for example German, Chinese, etc.) as column name.
In the supplementary columns you will enter the description in the language.

You can add a new View for each language (German, Chinese, etc). You can customize the view to see only the description in one language or in more language at the same time.
People wiil be able to work on their language. .

Enhanced Balance sheet with in different languages

In the Enhanced Balance sheet you can choose witch column to use as description.
Under Columns select Add and choose the column you want to show.

You can create a Composition to save the setting for the printout. This way you can create printout for each language.


With BananaApps you can program a report to adapt to your necessity.





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