Excel Reports Add-in (Beta)


The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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With this Add-in you will no longer need to make "copy and paste" of the values each time you update your accounting file.

You create worksheets with formulas, charts, formatting and more in Excel, and the Add-in will retrieve for you the data from your accounting file.

Just click on the Update button and your Excel worksheet will be automatically updated with the new values from Banana Accounting, and the results of formulas and charts will be updated accordingly.

See Documentation Banana Accounting Excel Add-in.

Example of a Balance sheet report created with the Excel Reports add-in


Example of a report with charts created with the Excel Reports Add-in


  • This Add-in is hosted on our server.
    Once you have installed the manifest on your computer, you will automatically use the last version.
  • The Add-in are secure.
    Unlike Excel-macros the Add-in are secure and cannot compromise your computer.
  • The Add-in is currently in Beta Test.
    • Please check everything and report any problem.
    • You can use it for free now, but It is also possible that it will be made available for a cost.


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