Addresses and labels management

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In this article

This is an application for managing data lists and printing labels.


  • Free definition of the fields
  • Possibility of printing only the selected rows
  • Free setting of the label format
  • Copy/Paste addresses from other programs (Excel and Word)

Create a new file
From the File menu choose the New command and select the Labels type.
Choose between the 3 available option the one that meets your needs.

Labels with progressive numbers
A table will open where the columns are progressive numeric fields.

Address labels
A table will open where there are specific columns for entering addresses.

Labels to be composed
An empty table will open where columns must be created and named by the user, using the Columns setup command from the Data menu.

Entering the data
Regardless from the option you chose (progressive numbers fields, address labels or labels to be composed), once you defined the fields, data can be entered:

Printing the labels

  • The program centers the text on the label width and height
  • The program automatically reduces the text size when long texts are entered