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The text to be searched and the text to be used as a replacement should be inserted in the same format as the one displayed in the input field. For example, the amounts should be inserted without the separator for the thousands.

Search text
Enter the text to be searched.

Replace with
Enter the replacement text.


Whole words only
If this box is activated, the program will find whole words only. For example, if the word being searched is Tot, it will not find Totals.

Match case
If this box is activated, the program will make a distinction between capital letters and small letters.

Selected area only
If this box is activated, the program will only search the information in the selected area.

Replace all
This key will replace the desired data throughout the whole document at once.

This key will replace one data at a time.

Find next
This key begins the search of the data one by one. If the data in search is not present, the "Text not found" message will appear.