File properties (VAT/Sales tax tab)

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This tab only appears if an accounting with VAT/Sales tax management is chosen.

VAT Account
The Automatic VAT account, that is present in the chart of accounts, is defined here as default. In this case, the VAT account does not need to be inserted in the VAT Codes Table.

VAT/Sales tax rounding
This is where the user inserts how the VAT/Sales tax amounts should be rounded; if, for example, the user inputs 0.05, the VAT/Sales tax amounts will round to multiples of 0.05.

Cost Centers 1 (CC1), 2 (CC2), 3 (CC3)
For each type of Cost Center, the user can select which amount to use for the transaction in the cost center.

  • Use transaction amount
  • Use amount inclusive VAT/Sales tax
    (When cost centers are being used for Client/Suppliers accounts)
  • Use amount without VAT/Sales tax
    (When cost centers are being used for Revenue and Expenses)

Note: If one of these parameters is modified, the accounting must be recalculated.


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